Hi! Today, I’m reviewing Murder at the Driskill by Kathleen Kaska. I loved this book. I just loved this book. A Sydney Lockhart mystery. Sydney Lockhart is just, has just won my heart over. I mean, I just, she’s awesome.

She’s great. She is a single woman who doesn’t seem overly concerned about not being married. I like that. She has a male partner who she’s involved with, which is cool. I like that. They have a nice thing, a banter of sorts going on. There’s a, a whole vibe of, you know, Raymond Chandleresque, of a Chandleresque sort going on here. Or if I may say so, perhaps a Sarah Paretskyesque sort or a Sue Graftonesque sort. Anyway, if you like this sort, the smart talkin’ dame, and it takes place in Austin, which I just loved because all I could think about when I saw the Driskill Hotel mentioned was the Austin Film Festival. That kept coming to mind and the book festival that was taking place during one time when I went to the Austin Film Festival, which was really interesting, cuz I ended up meeting an author there.

His name is Patrick Kelly, and I wonder how Patrick’s doing. I should really send him an email and just say, “Hey, this book is out there. Have you seen it?” He probably has. <Laugh>. I mean, duh. So anyway, I just really loved it and I highly recommend it. It’s fun. She has a great sense of humor. She’s got a sister that, their relationship is wonderful. That’s all, there’s a little kid. Oh, it’s just wonderful. All of it is wonderful. And I recommended it to my husband and said, “I think you’re gonna like this one.”

Yeah, definitely. It’s just read it. It’s great. Okay. That’s it then. And I’ll talk to you later.

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