Hi! Today I’m reviewing Men Don’t Read: The Unlikely Story of the Guy’s Book Club. It’s a really good read, especially if you’re interested in starting a club of your own, say.

It’s written by a librarian, Andy Wolverton, who works at the Anne Arundel County Library in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, where they have a movie discussion group that I take part in on a roughly once a month basis or so. And it’s really done a lot for me joining that discussion group. It’s a great experience talking about movies the way that group does. The discussion is so nice and civil, which is a real contrast to some places I can name. In any event, it’s a great book, especially if you’re the kind of person who would like to start a book club or some sort of group like that, because the advice in there really gets at, not only to the unlikeliness say of a man’s book club, but the fact that such a thing can exist because you’re satisfying a particular niche, and that’s great.

That’s what it’s all about. I mean, finding the people who get what you want to do. And so there is a lot to learn from this book in terms of learning how to form such a group, learning how to market it, so to speak, to promote it, to get the word out about it, how to handle group dynamics. There is a lot in this book that one can take so much information from that can help you in so many ways that I can’t say enough good things about it really, honestly. And not just because I’m a member of Andy’s group. I mean, I genuinely would not recommend this book unless I really, really thought it was a good book, and it is, very much. Now, it doesn’t hurt any that I am trained as a librarian, so I can appreciate every bit of his perspective on the whole thing.

And so I’ll just say that’s pretty much, I’ve given you the real deal in terms of my relationship with the author. I know the author through this group, and I’m also a librarian and actually worked in a library once for a little while. It was the FTC library. That was a really nice gig along with the one where I got to cover the Supreme Court, but that’s a different gig entirely. I won’t go into that. Maybe another time. Alrighty then. Thanks and check out that book Men Don’t Read: The Unlikely Story of the Men’s Book Club by Andy Wolverton. Two thumbs up and five stars all around. Take care. Talk to you later.

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