Hi, today I’m reviewing Marple. It’s the Twelve New Mysteries, Agatha Christie. Now, these are not written by Agatha Christie, but what they are basically is they’re all short stories about Miss Marple. And I have to say that I enjoyed this very much for many reasons.



First of all, it’s just very smart writing and I don’t mean, you know, you have to be smart to read it. I just mean that anybody who can write a short story well to me is like a genius or something. They’re doing something really amazing and these are really great short stories.

And the other thing is that I haven’t read Agatha Christie in a long time. I haven’t even seen any of the recent movies based on her work. And I have to say that reading this kind of reacquainted me with the character and just the joy of reading about her because she’s really a great character. I didn’t fully appreciate how independent and smart she was, I mean, given the times that she was written.

So on that note, I will also say that the final story is very interesting. It provides a kind of closure, if you will, to Miss Marple’s avocation. So having said that, I recommend this book if you enjoy short stories. These are good ones, and if you enjoy Agatha Christie, I think you will love it. That’s it. I’ll talk to you later.

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