Hi, today I’m reviewing How to Kill Men and Get Away with It. There’s a title for you. It’s about a woman who, frankly I think she had broken up with a boyfriend as I recall. Yeah, it’s been a little while and I’m reading a lot of books.

In any case, yeah, she had gone through a bad breakup or something and this guy comes onto her in a really obnoxious way at this place and she kills him. I’m not spoiling anything I don’t think by saying this, because it happens pretty early and it ends up happening pretty often.

So it’s a very interesting book, very dry, funny wit, which I absolutely loved. I would say it comes under dark comedy quite squarely. Yeah, satirical, I suppose? A few other things?

It’s a very good book and very compelling reading and I highly recommend it. Katy Brent wrote it and it’s called How to Kill Men and Get Away With It and you have to read the book to find out how much she gets away with it, and if she does, that’s all I’ll say.

So with that I’ll just say thanks for reading, and please check below the video for the link where you can get a copy of my short story, whatever it’s called, “The Reunion”. That’s right. It’s a Sam McRae short story. There, I said it. Talk to you later.

You can buy the ebook from various online retailers.

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