Hi! Today, I’m reviewing Fatal Intent by Tammy Euliano. I think I said that, right, Tammy Euliano. I hope I said that correctly. In any case, I am reviewing this book, Fatal Intent, which I thought was highly suspenseful.

It’s about an anesthesiologist whose patients start dying and she’s trying to figure this out and she has family issues going on at the same time. And so she’s dealing with the family issues and the fact that I think her husband is in a kind of like a coma or, you know, vegetative stage or something. And it’s just not good all around. She’s having difficulty with her brother. She’s having difficulty with everybody and there are all these subplots and things happen. I’m not gonna go into that because that spoil everything. Right?

But take my word for it. It’s a medical thriller and medical thrillers always make me feel kind of . Anyway, since medical stuff makes me feel that way but it is highly suspenseful. If you enjoy female protagonists dealing with huge issues of family and work, this is a good one, and also suspenseful and entertaining and all that. So highly recommended. Read it. Take care, and I’ll talk to you later.

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