Hi! Today, I’m reviewing Sherry Knowlton’s Dead on the Delta. See that? Uh, yes. As one might surmise from the cover, this takes place in the wilds of Africa, and it’s about a group of people who are doing lion research, but they run across this horrible site where all these elephants had been killed.

And it really made an impression on me, right from the start. The main character is Alexa Williams, a woman who’s with the group who was with her, I believe boyfriend or fiance. I can’t remember which, but they have a relationship. And they get separated at some point and she’s on her own and various awful things happen. There’s a lot of politics, a lot about poaching, animal rights, the environment, the beauty and majesty as well as the grim side of Africa. And it’s just a very good mystery and I enjoyed reading it very much.

There we go. I did enjoy reading it very, very much. So if you concern yourself with any of these types of issues and you enjoy mysteries, I would highly recommend it. That’s it. And I’ll talk to you later.

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