Hi. Today I’m reviewing Dangerous Women by Mark de Castrique, who did such a fabulous job creating the character of Ethel Crestwater, who appears for the second time in this book. The first time was in Secret Lives. The first novel in what appears to be, I hope, a series, because Ethel is an awesome character. She and Jesse, her distant relative of some sort who lives with her in this boarding house, get involved in a case in which two Supreme Court clerks are, one is killed, one is in a coma, and there is a question of a threat to the life of the chief justice of the Supreme Court.

So Ethel gets involved and is closely allied with Frank Mancini, the DC cop on the case. And, of course, there are cops and other people since it’s the Supreme Court, you’ve got the Supreme Court police, you’ve got police of all varieties getting involved here, authorities all over the place. That’s one thing about DC. It’s like there are all these different types of police authorities, as it were, involved in various places doing various things. Secret Service, of course, them, on and on.

So you have all sorts of interesting characters with all sorts of interesting backstories and agendas going on here. But Ethel, of course, figures everything out and she’s awesome and she and Jessie make a great team. So I highly recommend Dangerous Women by Mark de Castrique. Read that book. It’s awesome. That’s it, and I’ll talk to you later.


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