Hi, today I’m reviewing Boy Parts by Eliza Clark.

Wow. Yeah. This is some sort of book here. It’s, it’s really something. It’s about an artist, let’s call her. Sounds so much nicer than pornographer. No, no, no. I’m not going to go there. I would just say that she’s an artist with a unique vision. Is it a unique vision?

Anyway, I will just say that it starts out dark and funny. I was laughing at points, of course, and then it’s like, oh, hmm, mmm, and then it’s, oh … shit. And from there it goes downhill. Yeah, we’re talking about noir here, folks. It’s really something. It’s a book that I would not recommend for the faint-hearted, for fans of cozies. Many people will not like this book, but the people who like the book will have something to think about. Okay.

But I really did, oddly enough, enjoy reading this, though.it gets less and less comfortable the more you go. It’s weird. Anyway, it’s, it’s delightfully weird. No, no, not quite delightfully weird. It’s interesting. The end.

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