Hi, everyone! Today, I’m reviewing Blood Sugar by Sascha Rothchild and it is really quite an excellent book. Check out the cover. I think that covers just awesome. <Laugh> I can’t say that enough for some reason.

Anyway, it’s very interesting, because it’s about a woman who, uh, well, you can see for yourself on the cover, if you’re looking there. What it says: “She’s accused of four murders. She’s only guilty of three.”

Now this is a very interesting character because you don’t know how much to trust what she says. She’s somewhat selective about who she kills and how often she kills. Let’s put it that way. It’s just very interesting and she makes a most unique antiheroine, so to speak.

So, I really enjoyed this book, but I will warn you, if you’re a lawyer, you will get a little bit of heartburn at some of the stuff that comes at the end. That’s all, I’ll say. A little heartburn, but not so much that you can’t really, really enjoy this book. I mean it.

It’s a good read. It has all sorts of interesting issues that one could talk about. Just don’t worry about the cop stuff. The cop was kind of a jerk, right? <laugh> Okay. That’s all I’ll say. And, anyway, I recommend reading it. Thanks! Talk to you later!

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