Hi, everyone. I’m reviewing An Honest Living. Yes. By Dwyer Murphy. I really love this book. <Laugh> I keep saying that I know, but I don’t review books that I don’t like that’s, that’s what it comes down to basically.


I mean, I might critique a few things about them, but very, very rarely and very, very lightly because, geez, these are my peers I’m talking about. Right? Why would I insult them? But I want you, I genuinely want people to know about the books that I talk about. I really do, because they’re awesome. And this book is awesome. It’s so much fun. I mean, I love it as an author, a screenwriter and a New Yorker, cuz I’m originally from New York. Right? So, you know, I can just like totally dig this book <laugh> and the thing is, it’s also a lawyer, it’s about a lawyer, who’s grappling with post-law life.

And I know what that’s like firsthand. And you really are in this kind of space where you don’t quite know how you should be operating or what you should be doing, because you’ve always been part of this club. Yeah. That’s kind of what the law is. Like, it’s like this club, right? And everybody speaks kind of the same language and they, they tell each other the same jokes and they exchange the same horror stories and all that kind of stuff. It’s kind of like being a writer only different <laugh> so yeah. I just adored this book. I won’t go into, I will say that it mentions Chinatown, which is awesome. I mean, this guy loves movies. What can I say? And he makes that evident in the book and what I, my books are full of movie references all the time, movie and TV. So yeah, love it. Okay. Yeah. Highly recommended. Anyway, talk to you later. Thanks for listening.

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