Hi everyone. Today I’m doing a review of this book, Age of Vice by Deepti Kapoor. But first I want to tell you, yeah, you may have noticed a new setup here. It’s a little different.


The angle on me might be a little different. I’m on a laptop now, a MacBook, and it’s really, really nice. I think the picture’s coming in clearer, right? So you get to see my visage in all its horrible glory, in any event. That said and out of the way and the fact that, oh, I got this new computer because my old computer crashed. Totally. I mean, it’s a disaster. Anyway, I’m trying to recover slowly. I would like to review this book though, because it was really fantastic.

It’s hard to pick a protagonist in a way, but AJ really stands out as kind of like the heart of this thing, maybe? I mean, his story, it’s told from different points of view, and there are three major characters. There’s AJ, who’s like this poor servant kid who kind of works his way into the good graces of this other person, Sonny, who is in a bad situation with his family because of wealth. It’s interesting, the troubles of the wealthy versus the troubles of the poor sort of thing. And then you have this third woman, a journalist who provides her own insights into these things, but at the same time reveals a certain amount of cluelessness. And it’s just a fascinating read. It’s an excellent story, well told and just kept me, despite the fact that I was trying to read three or four other books at the same time, kept me just so interested in knowing what was going to happen next to these people.

And it’s just an excellent, excellent book, and so I highly recommend it. Highly recommend this book, Age of Vice, Deepti Kapoor. That’s all. Thanks. Talk to you later.


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