Today’s book review is for the young adult thriller This Story is a Lie by Tom Pollock.

I was interested in this book, because it’s young adult fiction and it’s also suspense and it’s kind of a mind-blowing story. It’s the kind of story that I really can’t tell you much without completely spoiling it for you. So I will only say that nobody is who they seem to be in this book. You don’t know who to trust. And it’s a highly suspenseful page-turner, it’s geared toward young adults, and it’s excellent. One other thing I should mention about this book is that the main character has an anxiety disorder and is a mathematical genius. Plus his sister has particular gifts that I won’t go into because it will spoil the whole story. My only complaint about the book is that the ending just sort of goes … well, the only way I can really express it is that it ends ….

Like that.

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