Hi. Today I’m doing a book review of Ferret by George Markstein.

This guy is really amazing. He was an excellent writer. I previously did a review of The Cooler, which I said was obviously the inspiration for The Prisoner. You know, that peculiar weird unusual spy show from the Sixties! Well, once you read this book, you’ll definitely find the inspiration for The Prisoner. This book is so full of twists and double crosses and sneakiness that it’s somewhat breathtaking and possibly a bit freakout-ish. In fact, I put a picture on Instagram of this bookmark with this book saying it was a bookmark and a book review all in one.

See there? 🙂

There’s also a little advertisement for The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, which is where I got the bookmark, of course. But in any case this book is just … it’ll blow your mind. And if you like spy thrillers, I highly recommend it. Ferret by George Markstein. For all you fans of The Prisoner and other spy thrillers. Be seeing you! 🙂

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