Hi! Today, my recommended reading is Uncivil Defense by M. Ruth Myers. Another great entry in the Maggie Sullivan mystery series.

Maggie has come a long way since that first book. The book series started in the late 30s and during the Depression. Now we’ve reached World War II, the 40s. And what’s fascinating is the changes that take place not only in Maggie’s life, but in American life that are reflected in this book. And I thought that was really well done.

It was well combined with the mystery element in the story. And there are a few little surprises in terms of her personal life and some people connected to her life. And they’re done very well. And the only question I have is how on earth can Maggie Sullivan not like the Marx Brothers? 🙂 I don’t think that’s a spoiler to say that.

In any case, there’s a very interesting personal relationship that seems to be in development here, and I won’t say anything more about that, either. I would just urge you to read the book, because it’s really good.

Thanks. And I’ll talk to you later.

You can buy the book on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, or B&N!



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