My recommended reading this week is The Whiskey Tide by M. Ruth Myers.

Here’s my review. You can watch, listen, or read it! 🙂

[00:00:00] Hi. Today, I’m going to review The Whiskey Tide. Another book I read while I was on vacation on my Kobo.

[00:00:10] This book is by M. Ruth Myers, but is a little bit different than her Maggie Sullivan series, because it’s not part of the series and it’s not about Maggie Sullivan. It’s about a woman who is living with her family in upper middle class circumstances. And it’s the 1920s. It’s a historical. And what happens is her family’s financial future is threatened. And there’s a lot of family dynamic going on here. There’s a lot of societal dynamic going on. Things I never thought about that reflect the values of the 20s. But the main thing is that the protagonist in this book decides that she’s going to start running rum, illegally because it’s the Prohibition Era. She starts doing this. She happens to be good with boats. They have a boat. She doesn’t want to sell it to save her family. She wants to use it to make money to save her family. Their house, basically. And it’s a very exciting, interesting story with the great heroine. And there’s also a romantic aspect to this that I’m not used to from Ruth’s writing. But she does have a background in romance writing, so I can see where it comes out here. Yeah.

[00:01:55] And that provides me with the usual aggravation I always get when I read romance. It’s like, well, why don’t you two just talk to each other? But apart from that, apart from the occasional feeling like that, I was like, okay, I like this. I like this a lot because I liked the characters so much that even though sometimes I wanted to strangle her, not to mention the guy that she’s romantically interested in, I really enjoyed this reading a lot.

[00:02:28] So if you like an adventure story with a hint of romance in there or more than a hint maybe. But with also a look at society’s mores at a particular time in U.S. history, this is a great book. So I highly recommend it really. So with that, I’ll just say I’ll talk to you next time.

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