Hi! Today, I’m reviewing Paradise Palms by Paul Haddad. Paradise Palms: Red Menace Mob. That kind of gives you a sense of what we’re dealing with here. Right?

It’s sort of Goodfellas meets hoteliers, I think. Kind of, maybe, I don’t know. They call it–except it’s in the Mad Men period, the Sixties. So yeah, “a finely detailed story that recalls the period aesthetics of Mad Men and mixes it up with a noirish vibe. The read goes down smooth as champagne and leaves the reader wanting more.” Slamdance.com.

Well, I think that really sums it up. I mean, this is about this family that gets involved in owning this hotel and some of the complications that arise due to differences with their dad. This is after his wife passes away. I believe it’s like in the first chapter or something. It’s right up front. It’s not a spoiler or anything. Hardly. You’ll see if you read this book. It is most interesting in terms of the family dynamic, as well as the whole underworld thing, and also Hollywood. Anyway, having said that, it’s a really good read and I recommend it.

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