Hi. Today I’m doing a review of One of Us Knows by Alyssa Cole. A thriller. Yes, it is. Wow. This is quite some book. I really enjoyed it. It’s about a woman with dissociative identity disorder. I had to read that off because I looked at it and went, oh, *confused look* dissociative identity disorder. She has essentially multiple personalities, I guess you could say, and so you get to hear this story from various perspectives. Every now and then a personality will emerge. It’s usually Solomon. I don’t think that’s much of a spoiler. You get to know right away the differences between, sorry, the differences between Kenetria—I hope I said that right—Kenetria Nash, who goes by the nickname Ken and Solomon and the various others who are populating this dissociative set of identities and the result is very interesting and quite gripping and so I highly recommend this book.

I think if you enjoy stories told with unique narratives, this one’s for you, especially as a thriller. The end gets, well … all I’ll say is, boy, there are a lot of names, and I love the little explanation of each identity that was included. That was really cool. So nice job. Alyssa Cole’s One of Us Knows. Get to know it and think about what it means to be fronting. Aren’t we doing that all the time or are we? That’s a good question. I’ll have to ask Solomon or whatever his name is or her name, I don’t know. Take that for what you will. Alrighty. Then be seeing you.

Did I forget to mention there are all these issues, race relations and white privilege and white men who are assholes mixed up in this book? There are, yeah. Okay. There are all these social issues. Okay. But I told you all about the parts that excited me. All those damn personalities. Anyway, having said that, yeah, I did love the book. So yes, do read it. It’s great. Be seeing you.

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