Hi, everyone. I just wanted to say, you can’t see the cover, but the book is called Good Investigations by Ben Westerham, I believe. He’s going to be on the Crime Cafe and I cannot wait to meet this author. I got to tell you, because it’s been a while since I’ve read the book, I’ll be honest. And I had to go back and look at it again. And I remembered reading it from the start. How much I loved it from the start, because it’s a hardboiled private eye story, but it has an almost parodic … parodic? Is that good? A good word there?

It’s almost a parody kinda, but not really, about this private eye and he’s hardboiled and he’s in London and that’s what makes him so interesting. The fact that he’s in London being this Raymond Chandler kind of character. So, and he uses these expressions that just, just make me smile or laugh. It’s both funny and it’s hardboiled. I highly recommend it. It’s great fun to read and I can’t wait to read it again because I just started at again, even though I have like six or seven books I’m reading all at once right now, which is ridiculous. I just got to read this one again. That’s how much I loved it. That’s how much. Read it. It’s great. If you like mysteries, you’ll love it. Have a great day. And I’ll talk to you later.

And, of course, I totally forgot to mention that this is a British citizen hardboiled private eye. British accent, Britishisms, all of that, and they’re great. Great fun. This is not Robert Mitchum doing, uh, The Big Sleep. No, I did not like that one. No, no. This is a British person doing it. So very, very cool. Very. Thanks. That’s it.


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