Hi. Today I’m reviewing Extreme Vetting by Roxana Arama, and this is quite a good book. It deals with immigration issues in a very real and very disturbing way. Let’s put it that way.

The main character is a female lawyer who is also someone who came from another country and is struggling to deal with adapting to American society—I don’t envy her—while being a lawyer and looking out for the rights of others. And the ICE people on the other hand, are so vicious that I practically expected the man who represents them in this book to twirl a mustache. These guys, I read it and I was like, really? And I thought, oh my God. They probably do think just like that. So it’s horrifying, really. So that’s what I’ll leave you with. I mean, it’s that kind of a book. The end is really gut wrenching.

Really. It is. I don’t want to say too much. It’s just I think you end up feeling for all of the people in this book, even the ones who are complete assholes, at some level. So in a sense, this is just such a well-written book that you can come away with that feeling, that it’s like, okay, this guy is a complete asshole, but look what happened. Look at the result of this kind of misguided thinking. And so I’ll just leave you with that and just say that it’s a really good book and do read it. Extreme Vetting. Roxana Arama. Thanks. Talk to you later.

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