Hi there! 🙂 Right at the mo’, this anthology is available for a price that can’t be beat! Treat yourself to A Bag of Dick’s today! 🙂 Just click the link to see where you can buy it.

And here’s what I told everyone on my mailing list recently about this amazing story collection.

Along with scorching tales from Jonathan Brown, Sarah M. Chen, Bill Fitzhugh, Scott Kikkawa, Nick Kolakowski, Kat Richardson, Brian Thornton, Sam Wiebe, Jim Winter, and Frank Zafiro. And me, of course. (Goes without saying, so why am I saying it? Um …)

Detective Jim Morgan just gave Roy Utt the opportunity of a lifetime. What happens next is the stuff of legend.

In an instant, Roy Utt’s life changed, and it happened at Dick’s Hamburgers.

A guy ran from the parking lot with a bag of burgers clutched to his chest. To Roy, it was life on the street—weird things happen, and wondering why is wasted time.

But today is no ordinary day because Detective James Morgan was also there. Unlike Roy, Morgan isn’t in the habit of dismissing bizarre events. Instead, he wants to know what was in the bag, and he’s giving Roy the incentive to find it—a Get Out of Jail Free card.

If Roy knows one thing, it’s that Morgan’s word is better than the dry sandwiches and mushy apples in lock-up.

With the clock ticking on the deal, Roy is already sharing too much information. The allure of a Get Out of Jail Free card attracts the smart, the cunning, and the stupid. An all-out scavenger hunt is underway in the criminal underworld.

Will Roy earn his Get Out of Jail Free card, or will he become a footnote in the legacy of the streets?

A Bag of Dick’s is a collection of twelve short stories from crime fiction’s liveliest voices. Get your copy today and experience the 509 in a way you never expected.

You can grab a copy of this anthology for $0.99 from any of these retailers. The price is low at this time, so grab a copy while you can. It really is a great deal for a 99 cent book with so many great crime authors. I feel privileged to be among them.

Really truly! 🙂

PS:If you’re a fan of the film The Big Lebowski, you may notice a few odd references in my story. 🙂

It’s an homage! Whatever … 🙂

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