That’s not actually me writing, although some people might say there’s a resemblance.

But the fact of the matter is that I’ve written (at this point) … (stops to count in her head) … eight novels? Can that be right? And yet my finances are in the toilet. Hilarious, isn’t it?

Oh, wait, I’ve also written two collections of movie reviews: the film noir edition and the neo-noir edition.

Plus … there are the Crime Cafe 9-Book Set and the Crime Cafe Short Story Anthology.

Oh, and a bunch of short stories.

And they’re all half-priced on Smashwords until March 12, 2022! See that button? Smash it! 🙂 Because after that it’s full price, so buy now!

PS: Did you know that Smashwords and Draft2Digital have merged?

This is a good thing, yes? I hope.

With any luck, they won’t be accused of monopolizing the market. Yeah, ha ha. Funny! 🙂

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