I’m posting something I happened to find buried in some Scrivener files I’d created/saved that I’d completely forgotten about.

I suppose it’s pretty evergreen, so … since I just noticed I haven’t posted a thing here since mid-April, now’s as good a time as any to put this up.

It begins here:

For all you people going stir crazy staying home during this whole pandemic business, welcome to my life! 🙂

Because I’ve been working from home for eons years and years, I’m usually too busy writing and marketing my work to have a real life engage in a lot of outside activity, anyway. I do like to exercise and eat right and all that. And meet with the occasional friend, now and then. I’m not a complete loser shut-in.

However, since you aren’t me and maybe you’re getting bored with the near endless series of free online events  what’s on TV, [Blogger’s note: Add to that the Zoom meetings, the webinars, the opportunities to learn and reinvent and regurgitate …] may I suggest a few good books? You can buy them here if you click the link to my online bookstore. Some of them are mine and some get my personal recommendation!

The best part of it is that by purchasing books through that link, you’re helping to support indie bookstores all over the country. That would be the US of A. Since that’s where I am! 🙂

On that note, I’d also like to announce that I’m undertaking a rebranding of the Crime Cafe Patreon page. [Blogger’s note: In fact, it’s done. I think. Pretty much. Okay, maybe not done done.] I’d like to make it inclusive of my fiction and other writing, as well as the podcast.

Mind you, I have no bleeding freaking idea what the hell I’m doing. But I am doing it.

PS: Oddly enough, without even meaning to, I happened to pick the right time to put this up. I have a special offer for anyone who supports me on Patreon at whatever level I picked for that the $5 per month level! I’ll sing you song, man! 🙂 I’d reach out to Joan Jett for backup, if I could.

PPS: May the Fourth be with you! 🙂

PPS: I almost forgot to mention that I’ll be launching my new book, Damaged Goods, on May 23, 2020. You can read all about The World’s Quietest Book Launch here! 🙂

You can read samples from it here, here, here, and here. And click here to get a downloadable sample. (And check out the fancy graphics!)

I have no big launch plans other than to remind my subscribers and other marketing stuff … *mumble mumble* And I’m doing a Towel Day live reading on May 25, 2020, because it’s Towel Day. And I’m trying not to panic.

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