The Planck Factor

On a dare, grad student Jessica Evans writes a thriller, creating a nightmare scenario based upon the theory that the speed of light is not a constant—one that has a dark application. Her protagonist (the fiancé of a scientist killed in a car crash) is pursued by those who want to use the theory to create the world’s most powerful weapon.

Jessica’s research into the science stirs up concern from an extremist group intending to use it for evil. Before long, Jessica’s life mimics that of her protagonist, as she runs from terrorist conspirators who suspect she may try to stop them from causing a major disaster. As the clock ticks down, Jessica must put the pieces together and avert a global catastrophe.


"Thoroughly intriguing! A real page-turner."

— Zoë Sharp, author of the best-selling Charlie Fox series

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Praise for The Planck Factor:


“Does art hold a mirror to life? Or does life mirror art? New York Times best-selling author Debbi Mack builds this surprising thriller layer upon layer with an ending that will make you want to read it all over again.”

— Donna Fletcher Crow, author of An All-Consuming Fire, The Monastery Murders

“Art imitating life imitating art imitating life. Mack takes her reader on a roller-coaster ride with science, imagination, and a terrible possibility.”

— Peg Brantley, author of the Aspen Falls Thriller series

"Debbi Mack's THE PLANCK FACTOR is a sleek tour-de-force exercise in Hitchcockian suspense about domestic terrorism, in which the McGuffin is a novel-within-the-novel and the novelist and her work intersect in unpredictable ways. Reality and fiction clash and spar for supremacy until the final paragraph. Like in Mack's Sam McRae series, lean prose and snappy pacing give THE PLANCK FACTOR a noir sheen sprinkled with just the right dash of humor. A winner!"

— W.D. Gagliani, author of Wolf’s Blind (The Nick Lupo Series) and Savage Nights

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