Sam McRae Mystery #3:


A week at the beach could kill you.

Lawyer Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae’s stay in Ocean City for the annual convention of the Maryland State Bar Association becomes a busman’s holiday when her best friend Jamila is arrested for murder. All signs point to a frame-up, but Jamila’s local counsel advises her to plea bargain. This would permanently stain the ambitious attorney’s spotless record, unless Sam and a private investigator can find evidence to clear her.

Sam’s work is cut out for her, since the victim is the stepson of a local wealthy entrepreneur and poultry producer. No one will talk to her, including the lawyer’s investigator. Even Jamila seems to be withholding information. Meanwhile, Sam is running from mysterious pursuers and comes under police scrutiny when another murder takes place.

With the clock ticking down to the convention and Jamila’s preliminary hearing, Sam must uncover secrets, lies, and fraud to find the real killer. Are the stakes too high for Sam?



Full of tension and suspense from cover-to-cover, Riptide's a cracking good read."

— Leighton Gage, author of A Vine in the Blood

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Praise for Riptide:

"The plot was tight and author Debbi Mack kept me guessing whodunnit to the very end."

— Karen Cantwell, bestselling author of the Barbara Marr Mystery Series

"Sam McRae is a nosy, brassy, sarcastic pain in the ass. Which is why you'll love her."

— Frank Zafiro, author of the River City Crime Novels

"Get dragged under by Riptide. If you're not already a fan of the Sam McRae series, you will be after this read."

— Benjamin Sobieck, author of CLEANSING EDEN and THE GLASS EYE

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