The Short Story Anthology:


Five Uneasy Pieces

This short story anthology reveals my love for pulp fiction and cinema. Each of the stories explores the shadowy worlds of noir, mystery and crime fiction. They range in tone from hardboiled detective to parody. Altogether, this collection has something for everyone who enjoys dark or edgy crime fiction.

Now includes a sixth bonus short story.


"Avoiding lurid details but not the twisting (and twisted) mental minefields that call out for them, Mack navigates the darkness of the American soul as well as anyone you’d care to name in the mystery field."

— W.D. Gagliani, author of SAVAGE NIGHTS and WOLF’S BLUFF

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Praise for Five Uneasy Pieces:


“In her introductory note to FIVE UNEASY PIECES, Debbi Mack claims she finds writing short stories 'difficult.' Well, you wouldn't know it from the 'pieces' themselves. Each rings true as a tuning fork, whether for dialogue, setting, or depth. A lean collection of gems.”

– Jeremiah Healy, author of OFF-SEASON and THE CONCISE CUDDY

“FIVE UNEASY PIECES packs a nasty punch that will keep mystery fans enthralled”

– Simon Wood, author of TERMINATED

“While descriptive, observational humor was a hallmark of Mack’s excellent hardboiled crime novel IDENTITY CRISIS, here she uses it sparingly, and instead infuses a handful of riveting mini-mysteries with a real sense of dread, fear, and unease that lingers long after the lights are out. Recommended.”

– J.T. Cummins, author of COBBLESTONES

“Mack really packs twists and surprises into these five shorts.”

– C.J. West, author of THE END OF MARKING TIME

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