It’s Friday and time for a movie quiz today, because … well, why not? 🙂 After all, so many movies start off life as books, don’t they? Or plays or comic strips or video games or radio shows/podcasts, etc., etc, etc.! 🙂

So, first the answers to last week’s quiz!

To wit:

Q1 – Sue Grafton authored the “alphabet series” of mysteries. The first book is entitled “A is for _____”? (fill in the blank)
A1 – Alibi.

Q2 – Grafton’s father was a detective novelist who also worked as: a) a doctor; b) a lawyer; or c) an accountant.
A2 – A lawyer.

Q3 – Grafton claimed that her writing was most influenced by which hardboiled mystery author?
A3 – Ross McDonald.

Q4 – Grafton won the very first Anthony Award for Best Novel for which book?
A4 – B is for Burglar

Q5 – Grafton’s first published novel, before the “alphabet series”, had what title?
A5 – Keziah Dane

And our lucky winner is Paul Downie! Congrats, Paul! Nicely done. At six in the morning, no less! 🙂

Now here’s the movie quiz:

1. The 1941 version of The Maltese Falcon marked the directorial debut of whom?
2. Who starred as Sam Spade in that version?
3. How many film adaptations of the novel The Maltese Falcon preceded the 1941 version?
4. What were those films titled?
5. Who played the detective and what was that character’s name in the earlier versions?

Whoever gets all the answers wins a copy of my first Erica Jensen novel, Damaged Goods! In the event of a tie, I’ll do a random drawing.

The winner gets this book! 🙂

PS: Don’t forget you can preorder this! 🙂

I’ve already received some delightful emails from my Street Team readers, who seem to be happy with the sequel! 🙂

If you’d like to receive advance review copies of my work, feel free to join my Street Team here!

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Are you ready to go? 🙂

PPS: Did I mention that Paul’s a blogger I met years and years and years ago? 🙂

Paul, Trevor and me at Cafe Nero in Brentwood, England, UK!

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