Debbi Mack interviews crime writer Michael Streed on the Crime Cafe podcast.

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Unfortunately, I can no longer provide transcription show notes, but will resume doing so when finances allow. I have tried to note at what time various discussion topics come up in the recording.

[02:27] Michael talks about how he became a sketch artist for the police force.

[02:45] Michael talks about his interest in drawing, starting with his childhood cartoons.

[04:20] How Michael prepared to write his first book.

[05:44] How writing police reports helped Michael write his first book, as well as the ways his law enforcement experience has helped him write true crime stories.

[07:07] Michael talks about how police sketch artists work.

[09:30] Michael explains what it means to be a certified forensic artist and why he chose to be certified.

[09:40] Michael on the importance of having a good editor.

[11:00] Our discussion the “modern age” of forensic artistry.

[11:35] Why Michael created his own forensic software.

[12:02] Michael talks about the true crime book he’s working on.

[15:05] Why Michael wrote his first book, SketchCop.

[17:00] Michael discusses the process of creating forensic art through listening to stories.

[17:40] One case Michael worked on involving the use of an unusual type of sketch.

[18:45] Michael talks more about the process of police sketching.

[20:00] Michael talks more about his love for cartooning.

[21:00] The role of virtual technology in forensic art.

[22:40] My off-the-wall question: Which do you prefer: autumn or spring?

[24:10] Interview wrap-up.


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