I’m pleased to have coming up as my next Crime Cafe podcast guest the author Earl Javorsky, who comes to us today with an awesome guest post and book giveaway.

He’s giving away one copy each of his novels. Trust Me (a psychological thriller) and Down Solo (a crime novel with a unique paranormal twist) to two lucky winners. Just email Earl at earl[at]earljavorsky[dot]com with the subject line: “Crime Cafe giveaway” and state which novel you’d like to win in the message. You have until Tues., July 16, 2019 to enter the giveaway.

Earl’s work has received some very nice praise from others.

Down Solo was simply brilliant.  I loved it,”  says Pam Stack, Executive Producer of the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network, Host of Authors on the Air

And Timothy Hallinan says, “If you like noir in the sunshine, sharp, individual character, and a plot as complicated as Ross McDonald at his best, get Down Solo.

Sounds like a winner to me! 🙂

In fact, here’s my video review of the book!

In any case and without further delay, here’s Earl to tell you more about his writing!


My writing process sucks. I create structural puzzles that become Rubik’s cubes that I almost give up on, and then I get clarity and forge ahead and somehow, via some organic sequence I don’t understand, I get something that—hopefully—makes sense, works, intrigues, satisfies, and pays off for the reader. Meanwhile, there are big gaps of time and then weird, spastic stabs of output.

My Charlie Miner character spilled out of my brain with no particular warning one day as I was staring at a blank screen. I got this and had no idea what to do with it:

They say once a junkie, always a junkie, but this is ridiculous. I haven’t been dead more than a few hours and I already need a fix. It doesn’t make sense; my blood isn’t even circulating, but it’s the process I crave; copping, cooking, tying off, finding a vein, the slow, steady pressure of thumb on plunger, and now it’s my first order of business.

One of the advantages of being dead is that people don’t expect you to get up and walk away. I don’t imagine it happens often at the morgue, anyway, or they would take precautions against it. Not that I think I’m the first to remain awake through the entire process of dying, or even of one’s own murder, perfectly aware of the bullet smacking into my skull, tunneling through my brain, bouncing off bone and ricocheting around like a bee in a bottle.

Pretty goofy, right? But then I thought, Okay, maybe he’s a private detective. Maybe he got shot working a case. And what if the bullet impaired his memory, so that he has to rebuild the events leading to his murder in order to solve it? Maybe his case files contain a clue.

I realized I had something to work with.

For those who don’t care for the supernatural element (or can’t abide 1st-person present-tense narrative), I offer Trust Me, a more conventional thriller that centers on a sex predator in LA’s recovery community.

I don’t get too many “Yeah, it was pretty good” reactions to my novels. Readers generally either don’t get past page three or they get fully involved. I hope if you’ve read this far you’ll invest in three pages.


After a long stint trying to make it as a musician in Los Angeles and clawing his way up to mid-level management in the chemical entertainment industry (just about killed him ), Earl went back to his first love: writing. He had the good fortune to run into Lou Aronica, his editor at The Story Plant, who published Earl’s first novel, DOWN SOLO, in December, 2014, followed by TRUST ME (about a sex predator in the LA recovery community). A sequel to Down Solo, called Down to No Good, followed.




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