It’s my great pleasure to tell you that I’ve signed with a small publisher, WildBlue Press. This publisher started as a true crime publisher and is now expanding its stable to include crime fiction authors.

Come June, WildBlue Press will start publishing my backlist. This will include IDENTITY CRISIS, LEAST WANTED, RIPTIDE and DEEP SIX. Not to mention my short story anthology, FIVE UNEASY PIECES.

Given the way I’m described on their website, perhaps they also hope to release INVISIBLE ME and any future YA novels I may write. We’ll see. 🙂

Here’s my video announcement about it:

So … if you buy my books in print now, many of them will become rare first editions later.

Isn’t that awesome? 🙂

PS: I should mention here that I’m an Amazon Associate. So if you buy from Amazon while I’m still their associate, I get some extra money or something. I think.

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