Every time I post another episode of the Crime Cafe on this blog, I refer to my Patreon page for the podcast. You may be wondering, “Just what is this Patreon thing, anyhow?”

It’s quite simple. Back in the olde (with an “e” at the end) days, creative artists, musicians, writers, and others relied upon patrons of the arts for support. This is the concept behind Patreon.

Not only do supporters get a shout out and follow online, but (depending on level) you can get access to free content, some of which is exclusive to Patreon supporters.

I, for one, plan to share samples of the third Sam McRae mystery, Riptide, with our contributors who qualify.

Anyone remember this cover? 🙂 It’s going to change!

Plus, you’ll get an early look at my yet unpublished novella, Damaged Goods!

There’s more (short stories, manuscript evaluations, Google Hangouts, and who knows what else?) that we offer now or may offer later. And by we, I mean all the authors who are adding their bits to the pile o’ perks (myself included).

So, please consider becoming a supporter! And feel free to share this with everyone! 🙂

Updates as they become available! 🙂

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