I’m extremely happy to report that the Crime Cafe Stories Project crowdfunding effort has enjoyed a small, but significant, measure of success over the weekend! We actually managed to hit that up-until-now elusive $300 mark!

Now, all we have to do is raise another $1,700! By August 9, unless I extend the deadline. I may wait a bit on that, because it’s good to have a deadline to aim for in these things. And actually try to meet it—no excuses!

You want to know how delighted I am about getting this weekend’s success story? I sent copies of my upcoming thriller novel to the two people who gave to the campaign, even though my donation contest is still running! Good God, I’m so confused busy and happy to get any support that I’m just giving that book away to everyone!


You do know about my donation contest, right? Well, maybe not … so here’s the deal!

Check out my YouTube video for details about the donation contest!

And may the odds be with you us all! 🙂

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