If you love mysteries and thrillers, you’ll want to get in on these three crime fiction giveaways while they last!

My first novel, Identity Crisis, is only one of many intriguing mysteries that are part of the above giveaway. Click on the banner to enter.

The above giveaway features strong women in thriller and action/adventure stories. My book, The Planck Factor, is among them. Click on the banner to check it out before Feb. 15. Or one of these chicks my stab/shoot you! 🙂

And as part of the above crime and mystery free book giveaway, you’ll find my novel and several other mysteries. All free! Just click the banner to grab a few copies and avoid the headache this woman seems to have!

PS: My young adult novel Invisible Me is also free everywhere. At least for now. Just click here or the banner to download the ebook!




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