Here are some more excerpts from the time I had a law office and I was writing a journal for a freelance writing class.

Thursday, September 28, 1995

I just read in The Sun that if Congress cuts back EPA’s budget, hazardous waste cleanups in Maryland could be delayed.

I hope it doesn’t affect my potential job.

This really is a depressing time for anyone who cares about the environment. A scary time. Actually, it’s a depressing, scary time for anyone with a conscience.

Another unslanted opinion from your friendly neighborhood environmental wacko.

Not that I’m a bleeding heart liberal. It’s just that all those loudmouths in Congress make me look like one.

Not that I have a problem with streamlining government or cutting back on spending here and there. Funny the targets these guys are choosing. We’re really going to balance the budget by cutting funds to that infamous black hole of federal monies — the Corporation for Public Broadcasting! We all know Big Bird’s been sucking the government dry for years. Here’s another big money waster they’re going after — the Office of Technology Assessment! I think they had a staff of 200 employees. That should really make a dent in the deficit! Can’t think of any government program that uses up funds like these guys.

Did someone say “agricultural subsidies”? (Nah — I must be hearing things …)

This is a good one. This is right out of The Sun. In the article on EPA budget cuts that may affect to Maryland (if Congress passes them and Clinton signs), a certain Senator Christopher Bond says, “We have in the last 25 years come a long way toward cleaning up our environment.” However, Mr. Bond defends restricting EPA’s enforcement authority, saying that future environmental protections should be based on “common sense” and “sound science”.

Did it occur to Mr. Bond that the reason we’ve made progress over the past 25 years (the amount of time that EPA has been in existence) is because of the very programs that he supports cutting? If these programs were not based on sound science and common sense, then how come they worked?

Doesn’t anyone else out there see something wrong with this picture?

The truth is words like “common sense” and “sound science” are buzzwords. What they’re really talking about is allowing people in certain industries to exercise no responsibility. Pretend the problem doesn’t exist anymore and — bingo — no more worries. Happy days are here again.

What do these people really care? They’ll make their money, live their lives, and die before we completely destroyed our environment.

Enough of this canting and ranting. Sometimes I just get fed up, though.

Saturday, September 30, 1995 (1:15 p.m.)

I must confess, I was out visiting friends last night and done forgot the journal.

I remembered in the middle of vacuuming the house today.

Suffice it to say, yesterday was a crummy day. But today is a new day. And the sun will come out tomorrow. And all that other bullshit.

Rick and I visited our next-door neighbors last night. We were out on their back porch, talking and drinking wine until late. It was a good way to end a bad day.


Yeah … those were the days, all right! 🙂

With any luck, I may be able to run a vacuum again!

Oh, and I also have the following announcements!

PS: Would you hire this attorney? 🙂

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