Did you know there’s a book out there called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck? Really! 🙂

I’ve even bought my own copy. In print. Know why? I’ll tell you. Because with my Barnes & Noble membership plus the coupon I used, it cost nearly the same as an ebook.

I need that book. I really do. Because right now, between making copyedits on my latest book, keeping up with my podcast duties, and trying to build a platform in general, I’m having a pretty tough time not giving a fuck. (Yeah, FUCK the asterisk!)

I would’ve gone to Bouchercon this weekend, but I was too busy to get properly rested and fully recover from one of the worst colds ever.

So instead of photos from Bouchercon, I give you Malice Moments Revisited! 🙂

Sorry I couldn’t make it to Bouchercon. Or that I couldn’t write a better blog post than this one. But, I’ll let Ron Swanson take it from here. 🙂


PS: Did I mention that I have a Udemy course up now called “Beginner’s Guide to Writing Mystery Fiction”?

I’ve even created coupons to get half-off on the regular $50 price — so it’s only $25 now. Offer good only until Sept. 30.

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