As promised, I have created my first episode of the Crime Cafe. In fact, it seemed most appropriate to create yet another YouTube channel for those episodes.

This does not eliminate or substitute for my weekly update on my own YouTube channel. And, given the circumstances, I figured I’d make a video that, in effect, introduces the Crime Cafe.

My plan is to interview authors, who will guest post on this blog before their appearance. I’m also offering a joint package deal that includes novels and short stories from all participating authors. The price will be determined and announced during my next interview.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to round up and schedule authors for interviews, as well as get them to send me their freaking contributions. This process has been slightly less daunting than herding cats.

I kid. Naturally. All in fun! 🙂

And now for my video du jour. Or video of the week. Whatever.

So, as you can see, my old blog (My Life on the Mid-List) has, in essence, been converted into a vlog. I guess.

This is all part of my big plan to take over the world!


Well … not really. Podcasting (assuming I can figure out the coding and what-not) is yet another way to be heard. And isn’t that what we all need as authors? Hopefully, you (as listeners, aka readers) will agree.

I will stop here, since I wrote this last night and became too exhausted to go on. That is all. Except, of course, for the Crime Cafe interview. Voila!

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