I have all sorts of mixed feelings about making my work available on KDP Select. On the one hand, so many readers shop at Amazon, a company that’s become so HUGE, it’s about way more than books now. So, why wouldn’t I want to go with KDP Select?

There’s the other hand … does it even work, anymore? To be honest, I have no idea. So I made this week’s vlog about the whole KDP Select debate.

Those are my thoughts, to the extent they mean anything at all. What do you think of making ebooks available only through Amazon? Is this unfair to readers who own Nooks or Kobos or whatever else is out there?

Five Uneasy Pieces (Large - 300dpi)

I will say this. My short story anthology is currently on KDP Select. And I will be running a promotion. Free copies of FIVE UNEASY PIECES coming soon!




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