In a most unexpected last-minute development, I’ve been invited to do a Q&A session at the Annapolis Film Festival with the distinguished film critic Joe Neumaier. Color me surprised and delighted! 🙂

Our discussion will take place on Saturday, March 24, 2018, before the screening of the soon-to-be-released film Spinning Man. We’ll take the stage at around 9:30 or so and bloviate pontificate discuss the topics of mystery tropes, the classic “wrong man” scenario, and my approach to these things in my writing. And so forth! This should be fun!

The screening will be at Francis Scott Key Auditorium, St. John’s College, 60 College Avenue in Annapolis (of course). Here’s a link to the college webpage, which includes a link to a map.

So if you’re in the Annapolis area, consider attending this really cool event. And not just for me, because the movie sounds awesome!

If you can’t come to the event, I’ll offer this as a consolation prize. You may or may not know that my protagonist, Sam McRae, is a big fan of baseball. I’m offering a free copy (print or digital) to one person who can answer this baseball trivia question: What are the nine (9) ways for a batter to reach first base without getting a hit or single? Contest limited to residents of the U.S., Canada, and the UK or Ireland.

Please leave your answer in the comments or email me at debbi[at]debbimack[dot]com with the subject line “Trivia Giveaway”. If more than one person gets the right answer, I’ll pick the winner by random drawing.

Deadline for entry is March 26, 2018, by 11:59 Eastern Daylight Time.

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