Well, it’s been ages since I got a Lobster Award.

I mean a Liebster Award. Frankly, I have no idea why was chosen for this incredible honor. But I am happy to accept it.

So I would like to thank Shadows of the Day for nominating me for this … astonishing recognition. And of course, with great power awards come great responsibility. On that note, I shall now fulfill the requirements and become a fully fledged Liebster.

First I have to state the Liebster Award rules:

It is up to you whether you accept the award or not.
If you do choose to accept the award, you must do the following:
Write a blog post about the award;
Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog in your post;
Provide 10 facts about yourself;
Nominate 5 – 12 new bloggers (let them know they have been nominated)
You must answer the list of questions provided to you by the person who nominated you for the award;
Make a new set of questions for your nominees!
This these rules in your blog post and provide links to all who you have nominated.

Well, that’s not so hard.

10 Facts about Me

1. I attended a Who concert back when Keith Moon was still alive and drumming for them.
2. I’ve never read a single Harry Potter book.
3. I worked my way through college doing a variety of jobs, including waiting tables, working as a hostess/cashier, and driving a school bus (as a substitute school bus driver).
4. I was once a certified EMT and volunteer with Hillandale Volunteer Fire Department in Montgomery County, Maryland.
5. I used to hate asparagus, until I tried fresh asparagus. I don’t like Brussels sprouts, but perhaps I will when I find the right kind.
6. I once organized a fundraiser for the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation. We actually raised more than a thousand dollars after costs were taken into account.
7. At one time or another, I’ve considered the following careers: physicist, engineer, musician, actress, journalist, librarian, and historian. And, of course, writer, which is what I am. There may be more, but those are the ones that come readily to mind.
8. I’ve started and maintained a grand total of 11 blogs, seven of which are no longer in existence.
9. I still have my tonsils and appendix.
10. My favorite color is blue.

Questions provided to me by Shadows of the Day.

1. Since when did you start blogging?

I think it may have been in 2005, when I started a blog called Word of Blog. Unfortunately, it died a quick death, due to lack of interest on my part.

2. What do you feel about blogging?

I feel like blogging is a great mode of self-expression. People blog for many reasons, all of which are valid.

3. Who would you like to work with in the future?

Generally speaking, I’d like to work with people whose skills complement my own. I’m primarily a writer, but I’d love to work with people who are more skilled in other media, such as visual graphics, movies, and music.

4. Are there any tips you can give to new bloggers?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Express your uniqueness and embrace it. If you’re real in your blog, you’ll find others who will connect with you. The best advice I’ve gotten from another blogger is to never compare your beginning with someone else’s middle. Also, blog about things you care about, that excite you. Finally, try to be kind, helpful, and informative when blogging or doing any other online activity.

5. Will you still continue blogging years from now?

Depends on how many years you’re talking about. But, seriously, yes—I intend to blog for as long as I can write.

6. Who or what is your inspiration in writing?

That’s kind of a tough one, as I write all sorts of different things. When it comes to my novels, I tend to be inspired by hard-boiled mystery writers, but when it comes to short stories, those ideas can come from almost anywhere. I’m often inspired to write by something I’ve seen in the news or other books I’ve read (both fiction and nonfiction) that have sparked an idea. I’m also inspired to write by things I see in the world that bother me and make me ask, “Why?” So if my blogging comes off as a bit sarcastic at times, it’s with the intent to point something out that seems a bit off or weird or just plain wrong.

7. Are you willing to work with me?

I think that would depend on what you propose we work on. Since I hardly know you, I think it’s only fair that we get to know each other a bit before we agree to work together. But I’m a person who is open to the idea of collaboration. I hope that answers your question.

8. What are your plans 10 years from now?

As Humphrey Bogart said in Casablanca, “I never make plans that far ahead.”

Here are the questions for my nominees:

1. Why do you blog?
2. What do you like most about blogging?
3. What do you like least about blogging?
4. What do you feel is your best accomplishment as a blogger?
5. Do you consider blogging a hobby, a marketing tool, or a way to make a living?
6. What’s your favorite movie?
7. What book have you read recently that you consider awesome?

And here are the nominees!

Confessions of a Readaholic: https://amandeepmittal.wordpress.com/
Lemon Shark: https://sarahbrentyn.wordpress.com/
Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar: http://niknaksoldpeculiarblog.blogspot.com/
This Is My Truth Now: https://thisismytruthnow.com/
World O’ Crap: http://www.worldocrap.com/
B Noir Detour: https://bnoirdetour.wordpress.com/
Silver Screenings: https://silverscreenings.org/

Congrats to all the nominees, whether you choose to accept or not!

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