So on Saturday, I had an interview on an Internet TV station. And I should be getting the embed code to show you that eventually.

I went on and talked about my first mystery novel (and mentioned that I had three other books, but they were out of print) and my young adult novel, which I’m thinking about turning into a series. It would be (essentially) a mystery series with a young albino protagonist.

And when I did the interview, I swear my mouth got so dry that my lips stuck to my teeth. Which was the weirdest thing, because I’ve never had that happen before. With all the panels and signings and such I’ve done, that has never happened. Not even when I was on camera for this video!

Or this one! And I must admit, I was quite nervous about having to type on-screen. What with my hand curling in constantly, my fingers all askew, etc., because of dystonia.

So, anyway, after the interview on Saturday (which I was told went really well — sure hope so! :)), I ended up talking to the guy down the street, who’s related to Keith Moon. And I told him what a big fan of The Who I was and still am!

I mentioned to him that I’d love to film a short documentary about his family connections. But he really didn’t know Keith all that well … so that may or may not happen. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to finish a thriller, work on the next novel, and type the short story I finally wrote. Along with that, I’m working on screenplays, blogging, marketing, and so on. I think of my life as a work-in-progress. Mission Possible, if you will! 🙂

Now, at this point, I’m getting ready to publish a short collection of film reviews. I’ve been blogging this book, you see. And this would just be the film noir edition.

If I can just get Canva to cooperate, hopefully, I can create a better version of this.

I Found It at the MoviesSo … hang in there. I’m sure I’ll figure this out. Eventually.

And, while I’m here, I’d like to ask you to consider buying IDENTITY CRISIS, which is free on Kindle and available in paperback (the out of print version) on Barnes & Noble and Indiebound. Furthermore, if you’d like to read the first in what I hope to make a series of young adult mysteries, you can get INVISIBLE ME as an ebook for 99 cents from Amazon or for free … well, everywhere else, including Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks, and Smashwords. Which seems a bit backwards to me, but there you go! 🙂

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