Me and Alex Buomo, cinematographer for SNL!

Me and Alex Buono, cinematographer for SNL!

So, on Wednesday, I went to see Alex Buomo of Saturday Night Live speak about cinematography. There was an exhibit room full of cameras, lighting, and other film equipment.

As I walked around the room, I noticed people taking photos of cameras, which I thought was funny. So, I mentioned that to the guy, Ryan, (I actually remembered his name — wow, that’s a miracle!) who worked for Canon. And he thought it was funny, too. Then, I said (or maybe he said) that perhaps I should take photos of people taking photos of cameras. But wait … there’s more … I know I mentioned the possibility of making a video of someone taking a photo of a camera! That totally blew our minds. But I didn’t do it. I figured I’d need permission or something. I dunno. What do I know about anything?

Anyway, here’s a photo of one of the cameras that looked really cool! Great for documentaries, etc.

Awesome camera!

Awesome camera!

And here’s a tiny little number, like a GoPro!

Tiny, awesome camera!

Tiny, awesome camera!

And here’s a photo of Alex giving his talk!

Alex Buono telling us cinematography.

Alex Buono telling us about cinematography.

Here’s the great thing about his talk. Alex Buono said from the get-go that he “wasn’t a techie”! That really put me at ease.

Then, he started rattling off information. And I just sat back and let it swirl in my head. So, I actually can remember what 4:4:4 versus 4:4:2 is, etc. Mostly, anyway. Enough for me, at least.

Well, that’s about it for the talk, which was great and I really enjoyed it and I met all sorts of people, which is always a plus!

And now, here are ten things I wonder about.

PS: Here’s 25 things Marylanders must explain to out-of-towners!

Hello, hon! :)

Hello, hon! 🙂

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