I was just reading in a newsletter about publicity tips for authors. And many of said tips suggested that I should’ve written a baseball book.

I’m basing this primarily on the following:

According to this article in Social Media Today:

Facebook has released its latest ‘Topics to Watch’ report, putting the spotlight onto the subjects which are gaining significant momentum, based on mention volume, across The Social Network.

The monthly Topics to Watch reports can be a great way to stay ahead of the latest trends and shifts – according to Facebook’s research team, up to 80% of the topics they identify in their monthly reports go on to become more significant movements.

Some of the topics highlighted are very niche, but if they fit your brand, it could be good to tap into these trends early, and ride the rising popularity wave.

The article goes on to apply Bernoulli’s Principle and suggest different words that are trending. And wouldn’t you know, the word “inning” is one of them? After “beach soccer” and “brown sugar”, neither topic being one I want to tackle, particularly.

Wait, there’s more! Since it’s summer and baseball is played during this season, that makes for a logical tie-in right there. I guess. 🙂

Besides which, I like baseball as a sport. And so does my character, Sam McRae. So, maybe it worked out after all.

Me with Phil Wood at Nats Park! 🙂

PS: What better way to stay cool in the heat (or warm in the cold, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) than by staying home and reading a good book?

Have I mentioned that the second Sam McRae mystery is out in print now? You can find it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

You can also buy the ebook version of IDENTITY CRISIS for 99 cents and enter this contest that runs until August 14, 2018. Check out the prizes! 🙂

PPS: Another option would be to seek shelter in a climate-controlled bookstore or library, right? 🙂

PPPS: I think I’ll change my author photo to this! 🙂

Thanks to Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound.

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