Honestly, sometimes I think we spend W-A-A-A-Y too much time on the Internet. In fact, sometimes I worry that technology will be our undoing.

To demonstrate my point, let me ask a hypothetical question: Would you let an algorithm manage your relationships? Hmm …?

The mere fact that this question is being asked at all is … well, words fail me.

And here’s another one for you: Can teenagers survive without social media? Um … WTF???

I wouldn’t be blogging this at all, except that I have a larger point to make about the whole Internet thing. And, since I promised to vlog about a topic other than the Crime Cafe crowdfunding project, I made this video today in the limited time I had after schlepping all the way to Bethesda to have a specialist examine my gammy (sp?) hand.

So here’s the video then! 🙂

PS: Even as I write this, another weather warning has been issued. Who knows if this post will publish or what? 🙂

In the event that all goes well, if you’d like to be an early supporter for the Crime Cafe crowdfunding effort, just click here, okay?

Oh, yeah, and there’s also a place where you can enter a contest for a copy of my my New Times ebook bestselling mystery, IDENTITY CRISIS. Just look to the right in the sidebar.


PPS: Many thanks to David Joyce on Flickr for providing the image above the headline!


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