Even though I have one calendar that says this is Civil Rights Day and another that says it’s Martin Luther King Day, whatever we call it, the message of Martin Luther King is what we’re honoring.

Martin Luther King’s life and actions affected my own life deeply. When I was a child, I lived in a mostly black neighborhood and knew firsthand how downtrodden poor people of color were (regardless of the exact shade of that color).

In fact, King’s assassination upset my mother so much, because (I assume) she feared a violent reaction against us from our own neighbors, that she arranged for us to leave town. At least until things calmed down a bit.

This experience informed a scene from one of my now out-of-print Sam McRae novels, Riptide.

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And, while we’re on the subject, here are six books about Martin Luther King, Jr. for readers of all ages.

Finally, a most fitting video to honor the day!

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