I take particular pleasure in introducing my next guest blogger — and not just because he used to be in my writers’ group! 🙂

Ray Flynt is a very talented mystery author, who (much to my surprise) has chosen the indie author path, inspired in part by my own extremely bizarre highly unexpected (and ever so brief) financial success I had after bumbling my way charging headlong into the fray!

Be that as it may, Ray is the author of the Brad Frame Mysteries, which (as a former member of my writers’ group) I can tell you from experience are great reading. So, as part of this guest post, Ray is giving away four (4) print copies of UNFORGIVING SHADOWS, along with another one of Ray’s books, which he will choose at random — so it’ll be a surprise! 🙂

You can enter the giveaway by emailing Ray with “Crime Cafe Book Giveaway” in the subject line at ray[at]rayflynt[dot]com. The entry deadline is Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

Without further ado then, here’s Ray Flynt’s guest post!


I began writing mysteries in the late-80s because travel for a new job precluded me from doing as much theatre as I’d become used to. I needed a creative outlet, and since I’d always been a fan of mysteries, figured I would try my hand at it. It was a great learning experience.

After moving to Maryland in 1997, I got involved in a terrific mystery writers’ critique group. It’s where I first met Debbi Mack. This community of writers helped hone my skills, and in 2005 my first book, UNFORGIVING SHADOWS, was published by a small press. A few years later, inspired by Debbi’s example, I decided to become an “indie author.” I have since published a total of nine books, seven in my Brad Frame series, and two standalone suspense novels.

My series detective is based in Bryn Mawr, PA. Back when I started writing, my work took me on frequent trips to Philadelphia, so that seemed a natural place to headquarter my detective. I gave Brad Frame a backstory that involved the murder of his mother and sister. I lost a brother to suicide in the early-80s, and I wanted to explore how tragedy transforms the trajectory of a life.

My most recent Frame story is called YARD GOAT. Brad is also a train enthusiast (as am I) and the title comes from the term given to a switching engine. Although it is my 7th book in the series, I also decided to set the story back in 2001 (prior to all of the other stories) at a point where Brad is still a little green in his detective career. Does that mean he makes mistakes? Perhaps. You’ll have to read it to find out. The story happens in the weeks immediately following the attack on the World Trade Center. I figured most people would remember where they were and what they were feeling at that time.

I’d also like to make a plug for COLD OATH, my most recent standalone suspense novel. My niece is a Lutheran chaplain. I’d bugged her about reading my stories, but she kept saying, “I’m not into fiction.” Well, I decided to write a novel that featured a chaplain at a fictional Lutheran College. I asked her to serve as a technical advisor, which she readily agreed to do. Needless to say, I finally persuaded her to read fiction. The protagonist in that same story is a 26 year old agnostic, who served five years in Afghanistan and Iraq before landing as a journalism major at the college. He uncovers quite a few issues on campus, in addition to discovering his attraction to Lori, the college chaplain.

My current project is called FATAL GAMBIT. I expect it to be published this coming spring. Although I have quite a bit of theatre experience, I’ve never done a story with a theatre setting until now. It’s a lot of fun. You can learn more about my books and read a few short stories at www.rayflynt.com.

Many thanks to Debbi Mack for her inspiration over the years, and for including me with this guest blog.

Ray Flynt


About the Author

Ray Flynt is the author of the mystery series featuring private detective Brad Frame. Based in Bryn Mawr, PA, Brad led an aimless life until his mother and sister were kidnapped and murdered. After helping to solve their crime Brad joined forces with Philadelphia police detective Nick Argostino to bring justice to the lives of others.

Ray has also written two suspense novels, KISSES OF AN ENEMY a tale of political suspense, and COLD OATH, as well as several short stories. He retired in October of 2013 from a diverse career in criminal justice, education, the arts and human services.

Ray’s first book, UNFORGIVING SHADOWS, was published in 2005 by Five Star, with subsequent trade paperbacks issued by CreateSpace and available for electronic readers. He is a member of Mystery Writers of America.

In addition to mystery writing, Ray has written and performs a one-man play based on the life of Ben Franklin. He is a veteran of more than sixty-five theatrical productions.

A native of Pennsylvania, Ray now resides in Florida. He is active with the Florida Chapter of MWA and also with the Florida Writers Association.


Thank you, Ray! I’m happy to have helped!

Don’t forget to enter Ray’s book giveaway! See the details above! 🙂


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