Please forgive the brevity with which I’m writing this post. I’ve just spent half of Sunday away from my computer, gobbling down engrossed in reading books. Why? Because good writing starts with that. Good writers seek out and absorb the lessons of other good writers by reading their books.

For instance, I’m currently reading a YA mystery called Vanished! by James Ponti. Not only is it clever, but it’s very funny.

I’m also plowing (seriously) through Stephen King’s 11-22-63. Oh. My. Gawd. Is it great reading? Yes, yes, yes!

It’s in the spirit of giving that I offer the following big book giveaways!

The September Free Book Extravanza! Where you can get a copy of The Planck Factor and many other ebooks for free

The Chills & Thrills Amazing Free Ebooks! Mysteries and thrillers galore for free. Including Least Wanted!

There’s also the Mystery, Suspense & Thriller Book Giveaway! But that doesn’t start until Sept. 23, so mark your calendars! You’ll find my thriller The Planck Factor there 🙂

So download away, and if you enjoy my books, please (pretty please) write a short online review! 🙂

Thankyouvery much! 🙂

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