Back in the days before everyone started relying on book promotions, social media campaigns, and other online activities, I used to do as many book signings as I could. And I’d always greet people who came by my signing table with the words, “Do you like mysteries?”

This was a quick way of determining whether someone was actually interested in the kind of book I wrote and weeded out people who simply wouldn’t be interested no matter what I said. Efficient, no? 🙂

Anyway, if you like mysteries, you should know that as of yesterday my third book in the Sam McRae mystery series became available for sale at the introductory price of 99 cents! That’s a bargain and a half!

However, this price is in effect for a limited time only. The price goes up early next year, so get a copy now.

Here’s a capsule description of Riptide:

A week at the beach could kill you.

Lawyer Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae’s stay in Ocean City for the annual convention of the Maryland State Bar Association becomes a busman’s holiday when her best friend Jamila is arrested for murder. All signs point to a frame-up, but Jamila’s local counsel advises her to plea bargain. This would permanently stain the ambitious attorney’s spotless record, unless Sam and a private investigator can find evidence to clear her.

Sam’s work is cut out for her, since the victim is the stepson of a local wealthy entrepreneur and poultry producer. No one will talk to her, including the lawyer’s investigator. Even Jamila seems to be withholding information. Meanwhile, Sam is running from mysterious pursuers and comes under police scrutiny when another murder takes place.

With the clock ticking down to the convention and Jamila’s preliminary hearing, Sam must uncover secrets, lies, and fraud to find the real killer. Are the stakes too high for Sam?


If you click here, you’ll find all the buy links for the book! 🙂

And here’s the updated book trailer!

PS: Here’s a photo of me back in the day, doing an actual book signing!

Me and Sasscer Hill at an actual book signing at the Annapolis Barnes & Noble.

PLUS … two informal book signings I did overseas! 🙂

Me in Dublin, Ireland, signing IDENTITY CRISIS for Caren Kennedy.

AND …!

Me at Cafe Nero in Brentwood, England, where I signed RIPTIDE (the original) for Paul Downie and Trevor Veail.

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