Well, it’s Boxing Day and whether that means you get another bite of the Christmas Day apple, you return unwanted gifts, or you collect alms for the poor in a box, it’s apparently a thing.

For me, it’s my chance to re-evaluate and adjust my actions to better achieve my goals for next year.

One of my goals is to finish my next book—be it a novel or novella.

Another goal is to work smarter, not harder. Sounds simple, right?

As part of that, I hope to use social media and online marketing more effectively.

I also hope to create a greater diversity of income streams.

On top of that, now that YouTube is letting me upload my videos again, I hope to make better use of my YouTube channel.

Here’s my latest video:

Fancy, huh? 🙂

P.S.: Check out this Boxing Day short story I found. Who knew?

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