The following is a book review of a young adult thriller I happened across quite by accident. While I haven’t read any of John Grisham‘s adult thrillers, I was quite captivated by this book.

In any case, here’s the review:


AUTHOR: John Grisham

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been a huge Grisham fan. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this foray into young adult fiction.

Theodore Boone is the 13-year-old son of two lawyers, who have instilled in him enough knowledge of the law to make him the go-to kid at school when legal questions arise among his peers. Theodore, in fact, wants to follow in his parents’ footsteps and become a great lawyer.

This leads Theodore to take a special interest in a huge murder trial, in which a wealthy, influential man is accused of murdering his wife. Unfortunately, due as much to his access to courtroom insiders as his incipient knowledge of the law, the boy gets involved with a witness who may have important information. The question is how Theodore should handle the information, while maintaining the witness’ protection (for various reasons that would be spoilers to reveal).

I found this book to be a page-turner, not only because it was suspenseful, but I enjoyed the relationships between the characters. Theodore’s lawyer parents, along with his colorful, unorthodox uncle, make great foils for the protagonist. They also show that lawyers are, at heart, good people. A welcome change from the popular stereotypes of the profession.

The ending has the slight suggestion of unfinished business between Theodore and one of the bad guys. Clearly, I’ll have to read more of the series.


Wow! I just posted this review on GoodReads, and I can’t believe that even John Grisham gets a few crap reviews!

Well, I liked the book and that’s just their opinion. 🙂


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