It’s been a really busy time for me. In between writing a script, writing a short story, revising an old, unpublished novel, going to occupational therapy for my hand, doing exercises and stretches three times a day, learning how to make a documentary, and trying to market, blog, etc., etc. Yes, I’d say it’s been busy. However, it’s times like these that we need to take the time to simply relax and look around us — and to appreciate art for art’s sake.

That’s why, throughout the month of May, I’ve participated in the #CreativeSprint project. And here’s what I did.

First, I found all the letters of my first name in my surroundings.


Then, in less than two minutes, I drew a photo of everything I could see out my window. I’m not very good at drawing … especially drawing FAST! Obviously! 🙂


Finally, I found the letters in my surroundings to create the word “why”?

why copy

I did relax some over the Memorial Day weekend. However, part of the time I spent cleaning out my closet and figuring out what clothes to give away! 🙂



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