This week, I’m vlogging a book review with my latest recommended reading for hardboiled crime fiction lovers.

It’s Rose Gold by Walter Mosley. I think this is one of his best Easy Rawlins books yet!

Here’s the review.

Today I’m going to be reviewing Rose Gold by Walter Mosley. Walter Mosley is one of my favorite writers and this book does not disappoint. This is part of the Easy Rawlins series.

It started in the Forties and it has proceeded to the Sixties, and Easy’s at the point in his life where he now has a little family and a dog that now likes him, which is really cool. But the police come along and ask him to find Rosemary Goldsmith, the daughter of a weapons manufacturer, who has been kidnapped by this crazy group that’s kind of like a revolutionary group. Very left-wing and … I can’t think of the word. [The word is “radical”.]

Anyway, the point is this group has her and they want her back. The father. And so Easy digs into this and finds out that his job is not quite as he expected it would be and the situation is not quite as described, of course. And there are multiple twists and turns and as always, Walter Mosley writes with fantastic prose. Chandler-esque, I guess is a good word for it. But with his own style, of course.

So if you enjoy a hard-boiled mystery and you haven’t read Walter Mosley, you simply have to. And Rosemary Goldsmith … the name of the novel comes from her name, which Easy reduces, kind of abbreviates to Rose Gold. So that’s where the name comes from. In any case, it’s an excellent book and I highly recommend it. If you want to buy it, I’ll include a buy link in the description below. Thanks and I’ll talk to you later!

PS: Here’s a buy link for the book! 🙂

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